I am glad Michelle asked me & my Jack Russell 'Missy' to participate in the 'CCC' classes. Missy & I walk several kilometers a night on & off lead. When Missy was on lead she would stop constantly & sniff everything around her. Nowadays she looks for permission from me before "smelling the roses".

Being a typical Jack Russell, she also loves to explore open fields when she is off lead. Missy's recall has been reasonably good when I call her name & have treats in view to lure her return. Missy would always be happy to devour the treat offered & continue on her merry way.

Now, just after completing week 4 of 'CCC' Level 1, Missy chooses to actively check in with me. At first I thought she was looking for treats. I presented my empty hands, yet she stayed by my side, walking & looking at me. When I display empty hands again, she again walked happily beside me. I did not understand this behavior as we were in a field with a huge set of scents for her to explore - field mice, hares, possums & everything I can't see. Missy is free to explore & discover but she chooses to stay with me & enjoy my company.

I have an enormous smile every time she picks me to hang out with instead of field mice.

Joan V

Geelong, Vic

Team Ri

As my dog finds it difficult to cope around other dogs, I was lucky enough to work one on one with Michelle.

She was knowledgeable, supportive & aware of my dog's special needs.

I would be happy to recommend Michelle to others.

Trish G

Geelong, Vic

I've enjoyed doing the 6wk 'CCC' Course with Michelle. I've learned to read my dog better & have become more patient. I find that our connection is much better than it was before. I would recommend the 'CCC' Course to anyone who wants to build a stronger bond with their dog.

PooiLing S

Geelong, Vic

Joanne & Griffin.jpg

Michelle has really helped me to understand 'Griffin' better & grow a stronger bond with him. Griffin was a tad crazy as a puppy & Michelle was always willing to help, giving me pointers & ideas as well as encouragement when I felt it was all a bit difficult. Michelle really took the time to get to know & understand Griffin & myself & her tips & assistance ensured that the experience of training  was enjoyable & positive for both myself & Griffin. 

Griffin is now 7 months old & I am still using Michelle's tips daily to ensure he continues to grow up to be a 'canine good citizen'.


Geelong, Vic